Wide Temperature Range Palm-Based Chocolate Spread



Sunflower wax, Carnauba wax, Bees wax, spreadability, phase separation


The study screened blended base oils (various ratio of palm superolein (POOo) and sunflower oil (SFO)) and waxes (0% - 3.5% sunflower wax (SFW), carnauba wax (CW) and bees wax (BW)) for the production of chocolate spread at wide range of temperature (5°C-45°C). Main parameters for the blended base oil screening were solid fat content (SFC) as well as hardness and spreadability of the chocolate spread from the blended base oils. Main parameters for the waxes screening were SFC of the selected blended base oil and waxes as well as hardness, spreadability and stability of chocolate spread containing selected blended base oil with different percentage of wax (OSW). Blended oil of POOo: SFO at 50:50 ratio was chosen as base oil as its SFC does not affected by temperature and its chocolate spread was still spreadable at 5°C and projected hardness of below commercial chocolate spread at 5°C. Chocolate spread produced from OSW of 3.5% SFW and 3.5% CW showed promising and positive results of spreadability at 5°C, hardness at 5°C as well as stability structure (no oiling out) at 5°C- 40°C after 24 hr of storage. The SFC of OSW with 3.5% SFW showed constant trend at experimental temperatures of 5°C-45°C while the SFC of 3.5% CW showed constant trend at experimental temperatures of 15°C-40°C




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